Where to Buy Firewood

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In some areas it can be hard to figure out where to buy firewood. But it helps to know where to look. Firewood in not commonly mass produced the way many products we use are. Although there are established firewood businesses in many areas, most firewood is produced and sold locally by some guy with a pickup truck and a chainsaw.

These guys don’t always have the advertising budgets that the corporate world that brings us most of our products have. So they can be a little harder to find. But if you are in an area where people commonly burn wood, you can usually find them if you know where to look.

Where to Find Firewood For Sale

If you are looking for just a few sticks, you can usually find firewood for sale at local grocery stores or department stores in bundles or boxes. You will usually pay a premium for this wood, but if that’s all you need, it’s a convenient way to get it.

If you need more wood you will probably want to know where to buy firewood from a dealer or wood cutter. Many of them just use word of mouth. If you know people who burn wood, ask them where they get their wood and if they recommend anyone.

Many firewood dealers do advertise. Since small one or two person firewood operations don’t usually have big advertising budgets, look in places where it costs little or nothing to advertise.

Where Dealers Advertise Firewood for Sale

Newspaper classified ads can be a good place to find firewood for sale. I have advertised my firewood in my local newspaper for many years and still do. I know others in my area do as well. It is not uncommon to find even more firewood ads in the free classified papers you find in racks around town, such as near the entry or exits of grocery stores.

Now that the internet is so common, you can usually find firewood for sale on the internet. Simply doing an internet search for firewood for sale in your area may bring results. But it’s usually only the more well established firewood businesses who will have a website. That may be what you are looking for, but many areas may not have these businesses.

Craigslist is the most common place I have found wood cutters advertising online. It may even be the most common place to advertise firewood these days. Many legitimate firewood cutters advertise on Craigslist, but buyer beware. I have had a lot of customers tell me stories of dealers they found on Craigslist that don’t bring what they promise or don’t even show up at all. This is not to discourage you from shopping there, you can find great firewood suppliers there, just use caution.

Another place you can sometimes find firewood for sale is signs on the side of the road in rural areas. Sometimes when wood cutters operate their business from home, they will put a firewood for sale sign in their yard where it can be seen from the road. In my area, when driving in rural residential areas it is very common to see these signs.

You may even find these signs if you travel through an industrial area where a lot of wood products are processed. Places to look for these would be around lumber or pulp mills or where you would find logging businesses.

Urban tree services often sell firewood. They can usually be found in the yellow pages. If they don’t sell it they may be able to tell you who does sell wood in the area.

If you can’t find anyone advertising, you may want to put an ad on Craigslist and advertise for firewood wanted. You might be surprised who might respond.

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