Texas Deer Hunting Leases

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Texas deer hunting leases are available on both private and public land. Leases are available for deer, turkey, hogs, waterfowl and many other forms of wildlife, but deer hunting leases are by far the most sought after. With the enormous size of Texas and the amount of land now available for hunting, you will likely be able to find what you are looking for in Texas.

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In Texas you can find a vast number of different habitats to choose from for your deer hunting lease. The entire state of Texas is well known for deer hunting but there are certain areas that you will most commonly find leases.

East Central and South Texas deer hunting leases provide rich deer habitat with trees and vegetation that provide plenty of feed. South and East Texas have pine and hardwood forests that can be very prolific when it comes to producing whitetail deer. This part of the state differs greatly from the plains and deserts of north and west Texas.

Texas deer hunting leases on private land can offer more opportunities and amenities than leases on public land. With hunting leases on public land all you are getting is a place to hunt. With public land, you are usually on your own and have to supply all your own equipment. On private hunting land, a lease will sometime come with lodging, deer stands, blinds and other equipment.

Many private land owners also provide guide services and actively manage their deer populations for quality deer. By working to produce better deer habitat and nutrient rich feed their deer herds can be bigger in number and size of the animals. For trophy hunters this can be ideal.

How to Find Texas Deer Hunting Leases

There are many ways to find Texas deer hunting leases and the most common is to search online. Leasing hunting land is a big business now and there are leasing agents that will help you find the lease you are looking for. You can find them with an internet search. But keep in mind they get paid a commission which you ultimately pay.

With leasing agent you are more likely to find landowners with experience or who are educated in leasing. Many of them may be more expensive but may also provide more services. That’s not always the case though, with a leasing agent you can find just about any type of lease you are looking for.

As with many things, Craigslist can also be a useful resource. You may be able to find landowners advertising their land for lease or you could place an ad listing what you are looking for. If you are just looking for land for less money you might be able to negotiate a low price just by approaching landowners who are not leasing their land to hunters and ask them if they would consider leasing to you. You will probably find a lot who won’t but you may end up finding an unknown gem that way.

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  1. I am looking for a deer lease for 4 people in the $1500/per person range and immediate family welcome. You can call me at 210-792-2294

  2. looking for deerlease for this 2011 season, would like to accomodate another 2 hunters with me we can pay up to 800$ per gun.
    areas interested are Falfurrias, rachel, encino, raymondville.
    call me at 956-592-7604

  3. Looking for an annual deer hunting lease for family. Son and grandson. Would like lease close to San Antonio TX within an hour or two drive. 100-400 acres for 3 people.

  4. In need of at least 1500 to 3000 Acres of land for Deer Hunting in Southeast Texas Area around Hardin County.

  5. looking for lease in brewster county 100 acres or more if you have one please contact me at (936)615-0835

  6. Looking for a lease near central Texas for 4 responsible families to enjoy hunting. Please contact me 936-258-5054

  7. Looking for a year round deer lease for 4-5 family oriented hunters to enjoy with there families around central or south Texas. Budget is around $1500.00.

  8. Looking for year round long term lease 4-6 responsible hunters for deer,hog,dove, & varmints. Need lease in central or west texas 2-3 hours from the DFW area. Please Call 214-926-2882

  9. to shayne. i may have what you wnt, but it is 1850 per family. 6 hours from houston. contact me at 281-787-7953

  10. looking for family year round lease. Management minded looking for longterm..Texas or red river counties of Oklahoma. Have multiple families interested

  11. looking for a small bowhunting lease in the Montgomery county area.Doesnt have to be big,its just me that will be hunting.

  12. want lease yr.rd. with deer, turkey, hog & maybe varmints.
    need a roof over my head and I also use a UTV.
    live in Lewisville area,so something not over 200 miles +/- a little.
    price is sort of open.
    please contact me if you have any questions.

  13. Hello – My name is Greg, I am 57 Y.O., retired, and looking for a lease to varmint (coyote) and hog hunt “Only”, during the day time, No Dogs. (Preferrably near Livingston, TX). I might go to the lease once a month.

    I am not interested in deer hunting and will not be present on the lease during deer season to avoid disrupting any deer hunters. Please take this in consideration

    when quoting lease pricing.





  14. looking for a deer lease for the 2014 season. prefer something close to wood county in texas. have 8 on lease at present time. need something around 700 acres. we respect nature and other peoples property.

    thank you,


  16. I am retired and looking for a year-round hunting lease (deer, turkey, hogs, dove & quail) for myself, son & son-in-law…….prefer something within 3 hours of the DFW area, Texas or Oklahoma……..David/940-390-6586

  17. Looking for long term 125 to 200 acre lease in or near Cherokee County no camping or fires and treat property with respect

  18. Hey I’m looking for 500-1000 acre lease for $900-1000 for up to 4 people and that also welcomes family guests. I am a teacher for LISD that teaches about hunting and fishing and the outdoors. I have great respect for the land and would not abuse my privileges. -thanks

  19. Looking for a lease around East Montgomery County, South San Jacinto County or NW Liberty County.
    1000 to 3000 acres.
    Need a long term lease for management.

  20. Looking for approx. 100-150 acre year round lease. I’m getting older
    and am a disabled veteran and would like to start my grandson out
    in the proper respect for the outdoors and proper fire arm management. probably running out of time so if you have anything to offer please call galen 903-894=4647 Prefer east Texas

  21. I am looking for a small family hunting lease within about 100 miles or so of Tomball, Texas for the 2015/16 season. Around Centerville and over towards LaGrange areas and anything in between. I am open to most options. I am respectful of others property, non-drinker, non-smoker. Rifle hunting for deer/hogs also like to duck hunt and varmint hunt (squirrels). I close gates I find closed, leave gates open I find open. Not looking for trophies, just spending time with my family and enjoy hunting. Probably just 1 gun (me) unless my daughter gets interested. Not looking for a large lease, just safe with deer on it. No camp necessary, I can take care of myself. Call Jay @ 281-731-1107…..Oil is $55/barrel so I really don’t want to break the bank…..never know what the future holds, but I am interested in a possible long term situation

  22. I am looking for a hunting lease for my family – husband, self and BIL. Prefer East Texas near Pittsburg, Mt. Pleasant area. We are retired and limited funds but interested in finding out what is possibly available. Please send me a message. helen010860@yahoo.com

  23. I am a disabled veteran looking for a small annual lease for me and
    my grandsons, mostly camping for learning about firearms and camping.
    also respect for land and wildlife. myself 4 grandsons and son if
    all four come at same time. Would prefer lease within 75 to 100 miles
    of Cherokee county Texas. contact at 903 894 4647

  24. Looking for a Deer Lease for the 2015-2016 Season
    Avid Bow Hunter that does some Rifle Hunts for Hogs.
    I have three Men willing to pay 900-1300 per must be
    okay to take family as each of us has children that are archers.
    Looking for PINEYWOODS region East Texas.

    Thank You
    Aaron A

  25. Looking for a deer lease in central or west Texas that has openings for 3 people. Was planning on getting on a lease in Ozona but land owner decided to day lease this year. Other 2 had been on lease for 10 plus years. It would be nice to be able to bring my sons but not a must. Willing to pay up to $2,000 a year. We would like to have a yearly lease. Management minded, respectful of rules and land. Shift worker, so please leave a message if I don’t answer.

    Alan J.

  26. I am looking for a small lease for two hunters around Van Zandt county Tax. If you have what I need at the right price just give me a call at 903-275-0049.

  27. Looking for deer lease with in 2 to 2 1/2 hours from cypress tx. Number of people 4 . Looking to pay around 7500.00 for whole lease.willing to go any direction . Just lost lease of 9 years family decided they wanted to hunt it now.took ranch from nothing to a ranch that has 150 to 170 class deer. We are very management minded individuals.

  28. 2 man possible 3, wanted deer, hog, and doves, allow non hunting guest.$1500-2500 per hunter, might accept older experienced hunter with child. We would be willing to hunt management bucks and does. Will pay for any trophy bucks. Will furnish size and weight and location killed. Would prefer several blinds for each person to hunts. Would not want to walking hunters. Defined camp ground, water and electricity helpful. might go higher after seeing land.

  29. Looking for an annual lease. Just lost my 15+ year lease. When we left the lease we were started to see 140+ bucks. Extremely management minded and spend most weekends in deer stand during deer season. Must be able to bring wife as a nonhunter. Prefer 2 to 3 hours from Dallas.

  30. 3-5 men with over 65 years hunting experience. We are looking for an annual lease(deer)for the 2016-2017 seaason with the opportunity to become long term. We are looking for something north and/or west of the DFW area. Electric and water are not a must. We are looking to pay $500-$750 per gun(price of lease we just lost) and are willing to help out around the property with any upkeep. We can provide references if requested. We are not looking for a trophy lease, we are looking for something that we can develop into a excellent lease. We take pride in always leave the place better than we found it.Thanks

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