How to Make Your Own Wood Pellets

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With the guide below you can learn how to make your own wood pellets. You can make wood or other biomass pellets for your own use or to even start a profitable business as a pellet manufacturer and supplier.

Consumers have long relied on large commercial pellet mills to supply them with wood pellets. These suppliers have not always been able to keep up with growing demand for fuel pellets which has lead to shortages. This has been one of the disadvantages of wood pellets for home heating. Unlike traditional firewood burning stoves, consumers can’t just go out with a chainsaw and cut a tree up into fuel.

This is changing now that small scale pellet mills are becoming more affordable and practical for home owners and small scale pellet producers.

You can make your own pellets from many forms of pellets including wood wastes, sawdust, cardboard, paper, straw, grass clippings, yard wastes, and many other agricultural and forest wastes. Making your own wood pellets is more sophisticated than cutting firewood but with pellets you can utilize so many more types of material that would be worthless for firewood.

Making pellets is a fairly simple process but it is important to learn how to make your own wood pellets properly if you want quality pellets. Having the right knowledge and equipment can mean the difference between making quality pellets that will work well in a pellet stove or pellets that just crumble back into sawdust before they even get to the stove.


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  1. I would like to know the actual procedure for making pellets using saw dust, sugar cane trash, grass dry leafs etc

  2. Could you please send me any information you have on wood or other raw material pellet manufacturing process?

    Thank you

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