Cord of Wood Dimensions

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Cord of Wood Dimensions (Chord of Wood Dimensions)

Cord of wood dimensions are most commonly expressed as 4′ x 4′ x 8′ but can be in any number of dimensions as long as it adds up to 128 cubic feet. Four feet is a common width to use since the standard length of firewood is 16″ and 3 rows of 16″ equals 4 feet.

If you are stacking wood in rows the width of your cord will depend on the lengths of your wood pieces. This can be a problem if you want to measure your cord in whole feet since most firewood does not come in foot long or 2 foot long pieces but instead somewhere in between. So cord of wood dimensions you can use will depend on the length of your wood.

Here are some figures for dimensions of firewood stacks assuming standard 16″ pieces.

1 stack = 16″ wide

2 stacks = 32″ wide

3 stacks = 48″ or 4′ wide.

4x4x8 is the common dimension for a cord which would be 3 stacks 4′ high and 8′ long.

These are the dimensions of a full cord depending¬† on the number of stacks you want assuming you have 16″ pieces and are stacking them 4′ high. (Four feet is a common height to stack firewood since it is about as high as you can go with 16″ pieces before a stack becomes unstable.)

1 stack = 16″x4’x24′

2 stacks = 32″x4’x12′

3 stacks = 4’x4’x8′

4 stacks = 64″x4’x6′

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  1. A 1/2 ton full size pick-up truck, with eight foot bed, when stacked neatly and evenly will hold approximately 1/2 cord of wood.

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