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One of the most simple businesses to start and run is a firewood business. I have been selling firewood for over 25 years and the business has been good to me. It may not make me rich, but it’s honest work and a good living. I have the freedom of working for myself and on my own terms. And I make my customers happy. They know me as the guy who keeps them warm in the winter.

Advantages of a Firewood Business

Get Paid to Exercise. A lot of people in the forest products industry shy away from firewood because of the hard labor that is traditionally involved. Many people think of firewood and picture a guy out in the woods swinging an axe. But with modern tools and equipment, the hard labor can be minimized. If I had to swing an axe to make wood, I wouldn’t be doing it.

There is physical labor involved, but with a lot of us Americans today, a little labor is exactly what our bodies are lacking in our current lifestyles. If you compare the labor involved with producing firewood to the eventual pain created from the body style and diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle, I will take the wood business any day. For those who get to spend the day sitting in an office or a climate controlled equipment cab, it may be nice now, but at what expense? A little dose of the great outdoors and some good clean physical work may be exactly what you need.

low cost to start. It’s not uncommon for business start up costs to be tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Probably more common than uncommon. And that is just for small businesses. Forget about large businesses that cost millions or more. But a firewood business can be started with simple tools and equipment that many of us already have. A pickup, a chainsaw and a splitting maul is all you need to be in business, as far as tools. Many people already have these tools. A power splitter is highly recommended, but you can work up to that if needed.

Raw material is the other side of the equation, but in many areas of the world, wood is abundant and can be inexpensive or even free. In some cases, people will pay you to take it. Wood is abundant in the world, it grows on trees and keeps growing. Much of it ends up in landfills or rots on the forest floor. In many cases, it can be yours for the taking.

A simple product. Firewood is a simple product to produce. There is no precision engineering, it doesn’t have to look good or even be the same size. The more uniform the better, but it’s a product that people buy just to burn. As long as it fits nicely in their stove, fireplace or fire¬† pit, and it burns well, most customers will be happy with it.

Mostly Profit. With firewood, much of the raw material comes from waste wood that doesn’t cost much if anything. From its raw form, there isn’t much processing needed other than making it into smaller pieces. Compare this to other materials like metals that need to be processed from ore. Or even a sawmill making lumber, which takes precision cutting, expensive equipment, and expensive saw logs as raw material. Most of the money you get for firewood is for the time and labor you put into it. There are expenses, such as fuel, vehicle depreciation, saws and equipment, but most of the money goes to compensate for your time.

Always a demand. No matter what state the economy is in, people want to stay warm. And the great thing is, they burn your product and will continually need more. With energy prices rising, this creates more demand for alternatives like wood heat and helps to increase the price you can get for firewood.

With the trend of looking to alternative energy, firewood is a very practical alternative that is produced locally that you can easily get your share of.

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  1. Looking to start a firewood business but I need to find a market for the firewood. Please contact me via email if you have an interest.

  2. Looking to start my own business. I split wood everyday, now I want to go into business for myself. I would like to know how.


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