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FirewoodThere has been a lot of capital and resources put into developing technologies for using forest and agricultural biomass as a source of energy. After all the political battles over money to be spent on research and development of this area there still hasn’t been much headway in these efforts that have brought a competitive forest biofuel to the market.

While this effort continues much of the public doesn’t realize that there is already an economically viable forest biofuel that has been traded on the free market for centuries or longer without a need for expensive research or government subsidies. People have been using firewood as a source of enerergy since prehistoric times.

Firewood is a renewable carbon neutral source of energy that can be used to heat homes and businesses. Unlike other biofuel products firewood doesn’t need processing other than being cut into small enough pieces for the consumer. This makes firewood much more efficient than other biofuels because very little energy is consumed in its production.

There hasn’t been a need for technology to develop this fuel but there has been technology put into firewood heating units to make them more efficient and to reduce emissions.

Firewood can be produced from low grade forest material and waste material from the manufacture of other forest products. The sale of firewood generated from thinning forests can help subsidize forest enhancement projects that contribute to the health, longevity and increased productivity of forests. If you think burning firewood is harming or contributing to deforestation that’s not usually the case and is often the exact opposite.

Burning firewood is obviously not for everyone but it is an underutilized source of energy that many people should consider if they have an interest in using biomass as a source of energy. For some the other alternative that has also proven to be a viable source of forest biofuel is wood pellets.

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With most forest harvest or enhancement operations, there is almost always an excess of low grade wood that is removed from the stand. Much of this wood is too small, too crooked, the knots are too big or it may be an undesirable species for other products. Often times the things that make wood unsuitable for building products, makes it ideal for firewood.

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