Texas Deer Hunting Leases

Texas deer hunting leases are available on both private and public land. Leases are available for deer, turkey, hogs, waterfowl and many other forms of wildlife, but deer hunting leases are by far the most sought after. With the enormous size of Texas and the amount of land now available for hunting, you will likely be able to find what you are looking for in Texas.

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In Texas you can find a vast number of different habitats to choose from for your deer hunting lease. The entire state of Texas is well known for deer hunting but there are certain areas that you will most commonly find leases.

East Central and South Texas deer hunting leases provide rich deer habitat with trees and vegetation that provide plenty of feed. South and East Texas have pine and hardwood forests that can be very prolific when it comes to producing whitetail deer. This part of the state differs greatly from the plains and deserts of north and west Texas.

Texas deer hunting leases on private land can offer more opportunities and amenities than leases on public land. With hunting leases on public land all you are getting is a place to hunt. With public land, you are usually on your own and have to supply all your own equipment. On private hunting land, a lease will sometime come with lodging, deer stands, blinds and other equipment.

Many private land owners also provide guide services and actively manage their deer populations for quality deer. By working to produce better deer habitat and nutrient rich feed their deer herds can be bigger in number and size of the animals. For trophy hunters this can be ideal.

How to Find Texas Deer Hunting Leases

There are many ways to find Texas deer hunting leases and the most common is to search online. Leasing hunting land is a big business now and there are leasing agents that will help you find the lease you are looking for. You can find them with an internet search. But keep in mind they get paid a commission which you ultimately pay.

With leasing agent you are more likely to find landowners with experience or who are educated in leasing. Many of them may be more expensive but may also provide more services. That’s not always the case though, with a leasing agent you can find just about any type of lease you are looking for.

As with many things, Craigslist can also be a useful resource. You may be able to find landowners advertising their land for lease or you could place an ad listing what you are looking for. If you are just looking for land for less money you might be able to negotiate a low price just by approaching landowners who are not leasing their land to hunters and ask them if they would consider leasing to you. You will probably find a lot who won’t but you may end up finding an unknown gem that way.

The Importance of Hunting as a Forest Management Tool

Hunting has been important to humans since prehistoric times. Without hunting, people in many parts of the world would not have been able to survive where other forms of food is not available year round.

In modern developed civilisations hunting is no longer a part of survival but the hunting instinct in humans still runs strong. Hunting gives humans an opportunity to get back in touch with and align with their deep human nature. Getting out in the wild and being in touch with who we really are and where food comes from can be a therapeutic break from the artificially created world that most people now live in.

For men hunting has long been a way to leave the home with other men and bond friendships with a common interest and goal. In prehistoric times, going hunting daily was probably as routine as going to our jobs is today. The urge to leave the home to go hunt is a deep part of us that most of society has lost tough with and is a missing part of most humans.

Although hunting is a male dominated activity, it is becoming increasingly popular with women. More women than ever are now discovering how therapeutic and enjoyable hunting and the shooting sports can be.

Hunting is not only good for the sole, it is also healthy for the body. The fresh air and exercise are great for the body and so is the organic fresh meat from a clean kill. The “organic” meat people buy in the health food stores doesn’t compare to real organic meat from the wild.

Hunting is looked down upon by much of society as though it was something barbaric and cruel. At the same time the same critics are eating meat they buy from the store. The only difference is they hire someone else to do the killing for them. And in the case of vegetarians or vegans, somehow they are fine with the idea of animals hunting each other and ripping each other apart in the wild but when humans are involved somehow in their mind hunting bad thing. In the case with most human hunters, great care is taken to make quick kills with as little suffering as possible. This is not the case when animals eat each other.

Hunting is an important tool for wildlife management. In many areas of the world the large predators are no longer around. These predators kept many animal populations in check. Without them animals populations overpopulate and die slow painful deaths from starvation and disease. Hunting solves this serious problem and bypasses the starvation and disease by humanely thinning the populations to healthy levels. Not only is this good for wildlife populations, it also provides high quality food for people.